Places to Visit in Tirunelveli

Tirunelveli is a district in southern Tamil Nadu has it’s a headquarters in Tirunelveli city.  The history of this ancient town goes back to 2000 years. Tirunelveli’s prominence was second only to Madurai during the Pandya period.  In fact, Tirunelveli was the Pandya capital for some time.  The town is situated on the banks of

Places to Visit in Kanchipuram

24 Places to Visit in Kanchipuram nearby the ancient city: Kanchipuram district in Tamilnadu derives its name and fame from the ancient city of Kanchipuram, one of the seven most sacred Hindu pilgrim centres.  There are about 200 temples in Kanchi alone and several hundred in the district.  Kanchipuram is also known for its colourful

Places to visit near Thoothukudi / Tuticorin (2018)

Places to visit near Thoothukudi / Tuticorin    (Thoothukudi map above) Thoothukudi or Tuticorin is situated on the Eastern Coast of Southern Tamil Nadu; this district has its headquarters in Thoothukudi. One of the major ports in the country, Thoothukudi was known at ancient times for its pearls.  It was one of the most prosperous

Places to Visit in Virudunagar Tamilnadu

This district was once the part of Ramanathapuram and has its headquarters in Virudunagar. This is the birthplace of late Sri Kamaraj, an important personality in state politics. The town has become prosperous through grocery trade and in recent years several small industries have also contributed to the economy. It is a big Railway junction

Things to Do near Villupuram Tamilnadu

This district was once a part of Cuddalore.  It has its headquarters in Viluppuram. This is the headquarters of the District, which is the main junction for roads and railways. Here we go with the interesting places that can be added in your vacation list while travelling to Vellore district.

Famous foods in Coimbatore – Popular hotels in Coimbatore for tourists

FAMOUS FOODS IN COIMBATORE: Apart from its cool climate and religious significance, Coimbatore aka Kongu Naadu is also popular for its appetizing food items. Though kaalan fry (mushroom fry) might be the only dish that would come to your mind, Coimbatore is also the abode of many other popular dishes. Some of the famous foods

Famous foods in Salem – What to eat when you are in Salem Tamilnadu

Here is a collection of some of the famous food local to Salem, Tamilnadu. Salem district – A vacation to a well-known place is never complete without tasting their popular dishes. The same applies to Salem also. Rich in tradition, this place also provides good quality and delicious food. Some famous foods in Salem are:

Trichy Rock Cut Temples – Places to visit in Trichy the rockfort city

Tiruchirapalli is well-known for its Rock Fort, a temple complex carved out of an ancient rock. This Rock Fort houses two famous temples: Ucchi Pillayar Temple and Thayumanaswami Temple. However, this Fort also has some lesser-known facts. It houses two rock-cut temples or cave temples, as they are usually known. These rock-cut cave temples are