Places to Visit in Nagapattinam

Nagapattinam district has been bifurcated from Thanjavur district. It is on the eastern coast of Tamil Nadu and has its headquarters in Nagapattinam which is an important port in the state. The two famous temples here are one dedicated to Nagaraj and another to Neelayathatchi Amman. The town also connects two famous centres of Pilgrimage-

Discover the beauty of Ramanathapuram

Ramanathapuram district in Southern Tamil Nadu has its headquarters in Ramanathapuram Town. This is the Headquarters of the district and is of much historic splendour. We have listed some of the places that talks about the beauty of Ramanathapuram. Rameswaram Devipattinam Dhanushkodi Kurusadai Island Oriyur Yervadi Let us discuss in detail. Rameshwaram (55 Km) Situated

Three Wonderful Places to Visit in Namakkal

This district is recently bifurcated, from Salem, and its headquarters is Namakkal. The district is famous for its poultry farming. The town lies at the foot of a rock which is about 60 meters high and about one kilometre in circumference. There is a fort on the rock. There are two rock-cut cave temples here,

Places to Sightsee in Dharmapuri

Located on the Karnataka border, in north-western Tamil Nadu, Dharmapuri district also offers many attractions for the tourist. The district headquarters town is the famous for its Mallikarjunaswamy temple built in the 8th-century ad. This Pallava-style temple has many beautiful sculptures and epigraphs. The Ariyanathaswami temple here was once a Jain habitat. Sir Thomas Munroe

Alluring Places to Explore in Salem

The district of the odd-shaped hills with Headquarters in Salem city is a plateau rich in minerals including Bauxite, Limestone, Magnesite and Iron, Ore. Salem is an important industrial area which is known for its stainless steel, Sago industry and Hand weaving which is a widespread cottage industry in the district. The name is derived

Places to Discover in Coimbatore

Situated at the foot of Nilgiri hills in Western Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore district has its headquarters in Coimbatore city, the largest city in the state. Coimbatore district is also known for its agricultural prowess and salubrious climate. A highly industrialised city, Coimbatore is popularly known as the “Manchester of South India” because of its many

Things to Do in Pudukkottai

Pudukkottai is on the Eastern coast of Tamil Nadu and has its headquarters in Pudukkotta town. The antiquity of the religion which was once a Princely state is evident in the numerous dolmens, stone circles and other forms of Megalithic burials that have been excavated which date back to Prehistoric and protohistoric times. Pudukkottai finds

Places to sightsee in Cuddalore

Situated on the East Coast of Tamil Nadu East Coast of Tamil Nadu, this district has its headquarters in Cuddalore. Cuddalore was an important British trading post and port. The Harbour at the mouth of the Ponnaiyar River was once the scene of considerable commercial activity but it is now not in use. The most

Best Places to Visit in Madurai

Situated in the Southern Tamil Nadu, this district has its headquarters in Madurai city on the banks of Vaigai River. It is the second largest city in the state. Madurai is more than 25, 00 years old and was an important cultural and commercial centre even as early as 550 A.D when the Pandyas made

Places to Visit in Thanjavur

Situated on the eastern coast of central Tamil Nadu, Thanjavur district has its headquarters in Thanjavur town. This ancient enjoys the distinction of having been the capital of the Cholas- one of the greatest dynasties of the south. Though the history of Thanjavur dates back to the Sangam age, it was between the 10th and