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Famous foods in Coimbatore – Popular hotels in Coimbatore for tourists


Apart from its cool climate and religious significance, Coimbatore aka Kongu Naadu is also popular for its appetizing food items. Though kaalan fry (mushroom fry) might be the only dish that would come to your mind, Coimbatore is also the abode of many other popular dishes. Some of the famous foods in Coimbatore are:

Hotel Haribhavanam, situated in Peelamedu, is famous for their unique varieties of non-vegetarian dishes. Some of their dishes are Nalli Pepper Fry and Pallipalayam Chicken Fry. Nalli Pepper Fry is prepared by using soaked mutton thighs, small onions, black pepper powder, salt, mutton flesh, and green chilli. For enhanced taste only nalla ennai (sesame oil) is used. Their other dish Pallipalayam Chicken Fry is a dish that has its origins in the village of Pallipalayam. Only traditional ingredients like turmeric powder, sombu podi (aniseed powder), seeraga podi (cumin seeds powder), black pepper powder, garam masala, and mutton masala are used here. The chicken used is of good quality and their kitchens are in hygienic condition. Head over to this popular hotel to try out these scrumptious dishes.

Coimbatore is also well-known for its different and special varieties of chips. One of the famous chips shops is A1 Chips, situated in NSR Road. They also have many branches all over Coimbatore. They sell unique variety of chips like lemon-chilli banana chips, mint-flavoured banana chips, sweet banana chips, raw banana chips, potato pepper chips and tapioca chips. The rates of these chips are also nominal. These Coimbatore special crisps are a must-try for all the foodies.

Lakshmi Sankar Mess in Coimbatore is a hotel which specializes in natural foods, herbal ingredients and traditional dishes. Their varieties of dosas like ragi dosa, kappa dosa and chola dosa are something to reckon for. Different types of keerai (spinach) are also used in the dishes. You should definitely try their Ragi Chapathi which is unlike the ordinary chapathis that other hotels provide. Another interesting fact of this hotel is that they don’t provide coffee or tea. Instead they provide rosemilk made of real roses, beetroot juice, and cane sugar, without adding any essence or syrup.

Situated in Hamsa Layout Road, Akka Kadai is a street food shop which specializes in different varieties of dosa, ada and kalakki (famous street food in Coimbatore). Whatever you name – corn, mushroom, panneer, garlic, tomato, or channa, all these types of dosa and ada are available. Their kalakki is also delicious and unique. Don’t miss to gorge on some really good street food in Akka Kadai, when you visit Coimbatore.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try these famous foods in Coimbatore when you are in and around the wonderful city.