Athi Varathar special Dharshan in Kanchipuram – happens once in 40 years


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Sri Vardaraja Perumal Temple is one of the major Vaishnava Temple in South India which is ranked Par with Tirupathi and Srirangam.

The idol of Lord Varatharaja Perumal is said to be installed by Lord Brahma Himself.

Meaning of Varadharaja: “The King who Gives Benedictions”

There is something really special and a Mind-Blowing Fact about this Temple. Since 01-July-2019 lakhs of devotees are thronging to this temple for a “Rare Darshan” 

Rare Darshan

  1. On 01-July-2019, the idol called Athi Varadar was taken out of the temple Sacred Tank and has been kept for darshan. This is also called “Athi Varadhar Rising”
  2. Lord Athi Varadhar is taken out of the water once in 40 years and worshipped for 48 days.
  3. Lord Athi Varadhar will be placed out for 48 days for darshan.

This is why Athi Varadhar Rising is a Rare Darshan and Lakhs of people standing in queues to worship the Lord.

Athi Varathar Rising :

Kalyani, this is where the lord Varadhar rests for 40 years.

Here comes Athi Varathar

History Of Athi Varadhar :

  1. The original deity of Lord Varadhar is said to be installed by Lord Bramha.
  2. The deity of Athi Varadhar is carved out of “Athi Tree” (FIG TREE) by Vishwakarma in Kritha Yuga.
  3. Until 16th Century this Idol was the main deity in the Sanctum inside Punyakoti Vimana.
  4. During the Muslim invasion, the Mooolavar(main Deity) to preserve this precious idol and other valuables, the Idol was immersed inside Pushkarani (Anantha Sarovara)inside the temple premises Secretively. Only one family knew about the exact place where the Lord was Kept.
  5. For 40 years long the temple did not have a deity in the Main Garbagriha (Sanctum) and no pooja was performed.
  6. Brothers who were temple Dharmakarthas knew where Athi Varadhar was Immersed they also passed away and no one knew where the lord was Hidden.
  7. Their sons tried vigorously to bring back other Moorthies back to the temple, the Utsava Moorthies were brought back from the Udayar Palyam.
  8. As Athi Varadhar was untraceable, the temple authorities decided to place another Vigraha(Statue) which was made of Stone from the place called “Pazaya Seevaram”.
  9. This Moorthy was calledDevaraja Swami and known to be AThi Rishi Karachita Moorthy.
  10. He was brought to Kanchipuram and was installed in the Garbagriham as the Main Deity.

The Surprise

  1. In 1709 due to some reasons, the Pushkarani was emptied and for Huge Surprise, Lord Athi Varadhar was Found lying inside.
  2. Finally, the authorities decided the Moorthy has to be Taken out Every 40 Years for pooja for 48 days and again would be Immersed.
  3. This decision was based on the fact Kaliyuga Pooja performed By Adi sheesha to Varadharaja Perumal.

Darshan details:

July 1-August 15: Daily 5 a.m.-5 p.m. Up to 8 p.m. on special days. Free entry and ₹50 entry through East Rajagopuram. Online booking of ₹500 for special darshan and Sahasranama archana, from July 4 through website: Entry through West Gopuram

“For those who refuse to get involved in the culture and traditions of the soil, Athivaradar might just be a wooden idol lying beneath the water which is taken out every forty years for worship. It is all just so simple at face value but looking at the sensation his emergence is causing, one can realise Athivaradar’s incredible power to make us nostalgic for earlier eras we never grew up in. Of course, the works of Azhwars and Acharyas of Sri Vaishnavism are silent about Athivaradhar, confirming the belief that the idol must have been kept under water considering the prevailing political situation then. There is also another theory that the idol was damaged and hence kept under water since Agamas do not permit the worship of a damaged idol!’’

Akkarakani Srinidhi, Vaishnavite scholar residing near the temple, says: “Whether Athivaradar was kept under water as part of the rituals or was it owing to threats from continued invasions, is a million dollar question, but the ritual has come to stay.’’

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