Explore the Beauty of Tiruvannamalai

This place was bifurcated from Vellore; this district has its headquarters in Tiruvannamalai.  The Arunachala Temple here is situated at the foot of a hill and dedicate to Tejo Lingam (God incarnate as fire).  One of the largest temples in the south, it is dominated by a 61 m, Eleven-Storeyed Gopuram.  The imposing gateway and the Thousand-Pillared Mandapam are also note-worthy.  In November and December, the Karthikai Deepam festival is held here on a full moon day and the ashram of Saint Sri Ramana Maharishi attracts a great number of tourists from all over the state.

Even though this place is famous for the Shiva temple that is located, this places is also packed with some places where you can plan for the excursion there.



This destination is located south of Vellore town; the forest here is rich in a variety of flora and fauna.  It is being developed as a wildlife sanctuary and tourist spot.


This dam site in the midst of forested hills is built on the river Poonaiyar and is a beautiful picnic spot with the added attractions of a crocodile park and a swimming pool.


A well-known Siva temple is situated here.  It is a place of pilgrimage for Hindus.