Places To Sightsee in Krishnagiri

The District was once a part of Dharmapuri and has its headquarters in Krishnagiri. An important fort that figured in the Mysore wars is located here. The British Army and Hyder Ali fought fierce battles to capture this fort. During the fourth Mysore war, the fort was the Military headquarters of Para mahal. Temples built during Vijayanagar Empire period are found here. Tombs of Muslim saints are also situated here. Krishnagiri Reservoir in Sylvan setting is a famous picnic spot.

Listed below are two beautiful destinations where you can explore more about the Krishnagiri.


This industrial town with its beautiful downs carpeted by evergreen grass is an enchanting place to visit. The climate and setting of Hosur inspired the British to call this area “little England”


This is the birth place of Shri Rajaji who was the first Viceroy of Independent India. The house where he was born is now maintained as a monument by the Government.



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