Places to Visit in Nagapattinam

Nagapattinam district has been bifurcated from Thanjavur district. It is on the eastern coast of Tamil Nadu and has its headquarters in Nagapattinam which is an important port in the state.

The two famous temples here are one dedicated to Nagaraj and another to Neelayathatchi Amman. The town also connects two famous centres of Pilgrimage- Velanganni and Nagore.

Listed below are the excellent places that should not be missed out while you travel to Nagapattinam

Nagore (4 Km)

This is an important pilgrim centre for Muslims. The annual Kanduri festival here attracts people of all faiths.

Kodikkarai (POINT CALIMERE) (67 Km)

This sanctuary was established in 1967 and covers an area of 17 sq km. Dolphins are occasionally sited in the lagoon apart from which there are shorebirds and waders, flocks of flamingoes, blackbuck, chital, wild pig and connect macaques. The best time to visit this sanctuary is between November and January.

Poompuhar (54 Km)

This ancient town was a major port during the Chola period. The original city has emerged in the sea and only a small village remains now. Alternatively known as Cholapattinam and Kaveripoom-patti-nam, the city is the birthplace of great Tamil literary epic- Silapathikaram. A government of Tamil Nadu art gallery depicting scenes from this epic was opened in 1973. The port city of Puhur was known to Ptolemy Anad Pliny and was built over 2000 years ago. Excavations have shown an extent of planning that even modern city planners would find extremely remarkable. From this port India trade ship left to modern Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanks, Indonesia and Egypt. This archaeologist’s dream is a must for history enthusiasts and the calm waters of the sea make for good sea bathing.

Sikkal (5 Km)

The temple of Lord Muruga is very well known here. Legends relate that Sakthi gave the Vel (spear), the weapon which Lord Muruga holds in hands, for killing the Asura Sura-badman.

Sirkazhi (58 Km)

The temple here has three- Sri Brahmapureeswarar, Sattanathar and Thoniappar shrines, goddess Tirunilai Nayaki shrines, and Gnanasambandar shrine.

Tarangambadi (Tranquebar) (35 Km)

This town which ruins now is once said to have been encircled by a brick wall. The inner fortification known as Dansborg was built by Ore Gedde, commander of the Royal Danish Navy in 1620. The major landmarks of this ancient town are the Jersulam church, the Zion church, the church of Our Lady of Rosary and an ancient mosque.  The 200-year-old Gate is of historical and architectural interest. The Masilamaninathar temple was built in 1305 A. D. by the Pandya King Kulasekran and is great architectural interest. The temple also has several shrines.

Thirukkadaiyur (43 Km)

Abhiramapattar who composed the beautiful poem Abhirami Anthadhi lived here. The celebration of Sahtiabdapoorthi at this temple is said to be very beneficial. This pooja is conducted by the person who has attained 60 years ago.

Thiruvali (62 Km)

This is the birthplace of Thirumangai Azhwar.

Vaithisvarankoil (58 Km)

The temple here is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The presiding deity here is Vaidyanatheswar, the healer of all disease and Thaiyalnayaki is his consort. The Siddamirtham tank within the temple complex is believed to have curative powers.

Vedaranniyam (55 Km)

This is believed to be the place where Siva appeared with his consort Parvathi in bridal attire in front of Agasthya. Festivals are held on full moon days in the Tamil month of Adi (July – August) and Thai (January-February).

Velanganni (12 km)

The famous Roman Catholic Church here is an important pilgrim centre. People of all faiths visit the shrine that is dedicated to “Our Lady of Health”

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