Famous Waterfalls in Teni

Recently bifurcated from Madurai, it has its headquarters in Teni. It is the headquarters of the district and is surrounded by fabulous natural scenery. Even though Teni is a small city but it holds two gorgeous falls and one beautiful dam that can be explored while you visit Teni for some reasons.

Suruli Waterfalls

This picturesque picnic spot lies on the way between Madurai and Thekkadi.

Kumbakarai Waterfalls (30km)

It is a popular picnic spot which attracts many tourists.

Vaigai Dam (10km)

Man-made gardens filled with all kinds of exotic flowers and plants on one side of the dam, compete with the rugged natural beauty of the hills that border the river on the other side. On Sundays, the dam site is illuminated and looks beautiful.

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