Alluring Places to Explore in Salem

The district of the odd-shaped hills with Headquarters in Salem city is a plateau rich in minerals including Bauxite, Limestone, Magnesite and Iron, Ore. Salem is an important industrial area which is known for its stainless steel, Sago industry and Hand weaving which is a widespread cottage industry in the district.

The name is derived from the Sanskrit word “Sailam” meaning an area surrounded by hills. The geographic feature lends the city its industrial thrust. The Indian Institute of Handloom Technology, the second of its India is situated here. THE Government Museum on Omalur road contains valuable collections of sculptures and Terra- cottas. The well noted temples are that of Sugavaneswarar and another known as Skandashram. Salem is famous for its Handloom industry, mineral wealth and mangoes.

We have come with the Alluring places to explore in Salem. Don’t forget to include these destinations in your list.

Aragalur (74 Km)

The town is about 4 Km south east of Thalaivasal on the right bank of Vasishtanadhi. The name of the village in Tamil means “village of six trenches”. The place is historically important in that it was ruled by a prince of Ekambaramudaliyar who said to have imprisoned the Chera, Chola and Pandya kings in this palace. It has two imposing temples; one is dedicated to Kameswara and the other to Karivarada Perumal.

Attayyampatti (18 Km)

This is the birthplace of Gnananda Swamigal.

Kanjamala (20 Km)

Also known as Siddeswarar kovil, Anbu Illam for the poor student is situated here. It is managed by the Hindu Religious Endowement.

Mettur (49 Km)

The Mettur has been constructed in a gorge, where River Kaveri enters the plains. It is one of the largest of its kind in the world. While providing irrigation for about 108, 400 hectares around Salem, Tiruchirappalli and Thanjavur districts, it also provides electricity via the hydroelectric plant. There is a lovely park close to the Dam. Chemical, aluminium and steel industries also flourish.

Sankagiri (37 Km)

This town is famous for the historical hill fort of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan.

Taramangalam (24 Km)

This town is situated 24 Km from Salem. It is famous for Kailasanathar Temple. Figures of Tortoise, fish and crocodiles are carved out on the walls and the gopuram is bedecked with architectural marvels. The rotating lotus flowers of stone, statues of Rathi-Manmatha, Vali and Sukgreeva, war scenes from the Ramayana, and yali with rotating the stone ball in its mouth are some of the beautiful sculptures.

Yercaud (32 km)

This quiet, restful hill resort in the Shevaroy range is one of the most beautiful places in the state. The cool climate combined with the beautiful vistas and breathtaking views make Yercaud a must for a tourist in the South. The places of interest in Yercaud are Lady Seat, Killiyur Falls, Bear’s Cave, Kaveri Peak, Pagoda Point, Anna Park, The Lake, The Grange, and The Servaroyan Temple. Yercaud is known for its thriving coffee plantations and exotic flowers. Fruits like plantations, pears, Jack and oranges are also grown on estates.

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