Places to Visit in Tirunelveli

Tirunelveli is a district in southern Tamil Nadu has it’s a headquarters in Tirunelveli city.  The history of this ancient town goes back to 2000 years.

Tirunelveli’s prominence was second only to Madurai during the Pandya period.  In fact, Tirunelveli was the Pandya capital for some time.  The town is situated on the banks of the river. Tambraparni is located on the Madurai-Kanyakumari route.  The district is known for pattamadai corai mats, palm leaf utility articles and palm sugar.

Below are the places that need to be explored while you are travelling to Tirunelveli. Even if you are planning for an excursion the area wide ranges of an area that can be visited.

Places to Visit in and around Tirunelveli

Kanthimathi Nellaiyappar Temple

This twin temple in Tirunelveli is dedicated to Parvathi (Kanthimathi) and Siva (Nellaiyappar).  There are a beautiful golden lily tank and a thousand pillared hall.  Also, noteworthy are the musical pillars and several beautiful sculptures in stone and mortar.

If you are planning for an excursion, then add these places to your list.

Abishekapatti (8 Km)

A well-known cattle-breeding farm is maintained here by the government.

Ambasamudram (35 Km)

The ancient name for this town is Elangakudi.  The temple of Throna Murugan is situated on a hill.

Gangaikondan (20 Km)

This town was established by the great king Rajendra Chola I.

Ilanji (59 Km)

King Adiveera Rama Pandiyan built a famous temple for Lord Murugan which was sung by Saint Arunagirinathar. This is a place of interest in Ilanji

Kadaiyam (51 Km)

Kadaiyam is the birthplace of Prime Azhagar who is the author of prose for Tirukkural.  Smt.Chellammal, wife of the great poet Bharathiyar was also born here.

Kalakkadu (43 Km)

A well-established wildlife sanctuary is situated here in Kalakkadu.

Krishnapuram (13 Km)

Krishnapuram teample. The presiding deity in this temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu is Thiruvenkatanathan.  There are some beautiful life-size sculptures in this temple, noteworthy for their intricate workmanship.

Kuttalam (Courtallam) (56 Km)

Popularly known as the ‘Spa of the South’, Kuttalam or Courtallam is one of the major tourist attractions of the State.  Situated at an elevation of about 167 m on the Western Ghats, the nine falls of Kuttalam are said to possess curative properties.  The waters run through forests of herbs before their descent and thus have a soothing effect on young and old alike.  Apart from the falls, there is a temple here which is dedicated to Lord Siva.  The presiding deity is Thirukuttralanathar.  The temple has several inscriptions relating to Chola and Pandya kings.  About a furlong away from here, there is yet another small temple called Chitra Sabha (Hall of pictures) which is supposed to be one of the five sabhas where Lord Nataraja performed the Cosmic Dance.

Manimuthar (47 Km)

Manimuthar is surrounded by beautiful gardens, this is yet another dam site with a very pleasant climate. One of the important dams in Tamilnadu

Melagaram (57 Km)

This is the birthplace of Thirikooda Rasappa Kavirayar who wrote the famous Kuttrala Kuravanchi. A scenic place to visit

Mundanthurai Wildlife Sanctuary (45 Km)

Covering an area of 516 sqm km, this sanctuary houses the common langur, bonnet macaque, Nilgiri langur, lion-tailed macaque, sambhar, sloth bear, leopard, tiger and chital.  The best time to visit this sanctuary is between September and December.

Moondradaippu (21 Km)

Moondradaippu has a very good bird sanctuary.

Nanguneri (33 Km)

The headquarters of the Jeet Mut is situated here in Nanguneri. Famous industrial town

Palayankottai (2 Km)

This is known as the Oxford of South India.  The Fort here was built by the Nayak Kings.

Papanasam (53 Km)

This dam site is an ideal picnic spot.

Pattamadai (30 Km)

Famous for its beautiful coria mats, Pattamadai lies on the way between Tirunelveli and Mundanthurai Wildlife Sanctuary.

Radhapuram (62 Km)

Bishop Caldwell, a foreign scholar lived here and worked for the development of Tamil Literature.

Rediyapatti (9 Km)

This is the birthplace of Krishnapillai, author of ‘Rakshanya Yaathreegam’.

Sankaran Kovil (51 Km)

The Arulmigu Sankaranarayanan temple here is famous. Twice a year, the sun’s rays fall on the pedestal in this temple.

Sengottai (63 Km)

This is the birthplace of the famous freedom fighter Sri Vanchinathan and also the renowned stage artist Sri S.G. Kittappa.

Tenkasi (55 Km)

Tenkasi means Kashi (Varanasi) of the South.  The temple is dedicated to Lord Siva.  The 400-year-old flagstaff of this temple is noted for its sculptural beauty.

Tirukkurungudi (53 Km)

The Hindu Vaishnavite saint, Thirumangai Azhwar spent his last days here.

Tirumalai (76 Km)

The Tirumalai Murugan temple sung in praise by Saint Arunagirinather is situated here. This is a famous Hindu temple spot

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