Places to visit near Thoothukudi / Tuticorin (2018)

Places to visit near Thoothukudi / Tuticorin


 (Thoothukudi map above)

Thoothukudi or Tuticorin is situated on the Eastern Coast of Southern Tamil Nadu; this district has its headquarters in Thoothukudi.

One of the major ports in the country, Thoothukudi was known at ancient times for its pearls.  It was one of the most prosperous cities on the Eastern Coast. It is a major pearl fishing Centre, with Hyderabad, the capital of Andhra Pradesh now taking over as the Centre for the artificial pearl industries in the South.

Industrialized Thoothukudi is now better known for its fertiliser and heavy water plants as well as its thermal power station. It is also a major salt production Centre.

We have listed below certain tourist spots that need to be included when you plan for the vacation to Thoothukudi.



The revolutionary poet Bharathiyar was born here.  His home has now been converted into a memorial.


An important Jain religious centre, the Jain temples and bas-relief sculptures are one of the earliest kinds.   The rock-cut cave temple nearby is worth visiting.


A coastal village with a fine beach, the Mutharamman temple here is the venue of the popular Dasara festival in September-October.


There is an ancient Holy Cross Church here.  Built in 1581, the Church has some fragments of the True Cross from Jerusalem.  Pilgrims visit the church throughout the year but the period between September 1st and 14th is the festive season and therefore, more crowded.


This is the birthplace of the freedom fighters V.O. Chidambaram was popularly known as Kappalottiya Tamizhan.  His maiden venture in navigation against the East India Company led to his imprisonment by the British.  His home is now a memorial.


This historic little village is the place from where one of the greatest warriors of the State, Veerapandiya Kattabomman, spoke out against the British regime in the 17th century.

The Kattabomman Memorial Fort here was built by the Government of Tamil Nadu in 1947.  The old fort which is now in ruins is protected by the Archaeological Survey of India.


This beautiful shore temple is one of the six abodes of Lord Subramanya.  It is believed to be the place where Subramanya once offered victory prayers to Lord Siva.  The Shanmuga Visalam, overlooking the ocean is particularly noteworthy.  From here, one can also visit the Srivaikuntam and Alwar Tirunagarai temples.

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