Things to Do near Villupuram Tamilnadu

This district was once a part of Cuddalore.  It has its headquarters in Viluppuram. This is the headquarters of the District, which is the main junction for roads and railways. Here we go with the interesting places that can be added in your vacation list while travelling to Vellore district.



Auroville means the city of Dawn.  Located at 10km from Pondicherry, at the border of Tamil Nadu, Auroville was established by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother in 1962.  Auroville is a unique commune, where people from any religion, any nationality, any politic could belong to.  The 8000 hectares of land have been transformed into a place of experience for social integration, forestation, maintenance of water, solar energy, maintain of soil and agricultural organics.


The impressive fortifications of this ancient city, much of which remain today, sprawl over three hills.  Battle-scarred Gingee Fort is over 700 years old and was the stronghold of the Vijayanagara kings and later, the Marathas under Sivaji.  The Mughals made Gingee their headquarters in 1698, but the place mainly owes its fame to Raja Desingh (Taj Singh), the army chief of the Nawab of Arcot under whose jurisdiction Gingee was in the early 18th century.  Inside the fort are two temples, a mosque, a court hall known as the Kalian Mandapam which might have been the audience hall, and rooms which were used as granaries.


This town is situated 30 km from Pondicherry.  On a hillock is a Muruga temple.  The Pangjuni Uthiram festival held in March-April attracts devotees in large numbers.


The temple of Angalaparameshwari is situated here.  There is a congregation of devotees on every new moon day.


Near and around this village there is a number of petrifies tree trunks also called fossil wood.  There is also an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Siva, dating back to the Chola period.

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