Places to Visit in Virudunagar Tamilnadu

This district was once the part of Ramanathapuram and has its headquarters in Virudunagar. This is the birthplace of late Sri Kamaraj, an important personality in state politics. The town has become prosperous through grocery trade and in recent years several small industries have also contributed to the economy. It is a big Railway junction and has a large goods yard.

Listed below are the three best places that need to visit when you plan for a vacation to Virudungar. These places are worth visiting numerous times.


Rajapalayam (58 Km)

This industrial city is the Centre of teak trade in the State. As it is situated near the Western Ghats, it enjoys comparatively a cool climate. The best places to explore during the summer season. Hope you will really plan your next vacation also again in this destination.

Sivakasi (26 Km)

This industrial town is famous for its match factories, fireworks and printing and packaging industries.

Srivilliputtur (45 Km)

This small town is the birthplace of the saint-poetess Sri Andal. The Andal temple has two main shrines dedicated to Vatapatrasayi and Andal. The gopuram of the temple is 58 m high and the ratha which is one of the biggest in South India has beautiful carvings from the scriptures.

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