Famous foods in Madurai – List of famous foods in the temple city Madurai

List of famous foods in Madurai:

Madurai is well-known for jigarthanda, a milk-based cold beverage. However, there are also many other food items which you can try here. Other famous foods in Madurai are as follows:

Kumar Mess in Madurai is a famous hotel that provides delicious food. This hotel has been operating for the past 26 years. There are 3 branches in Madurai and one branch in Chennai. Naatu Kozhi Chops (chicken chops) is one of their famous dishes. They use good quality chicken and prepare the dish in hygienic conditions. They use traditional ingredients like gingelly oil, cinnamon leaves, curry leaves, small and big onions, ginger-garlic paste, turmeric powder, tomato, salt, coriander powder, chilli paste and grounded coconut. Another famous dish available in this hotel is Mutton Chukka. Try a plate of these delicious dishes in Kumar Mess, when you are in Madurai.

Nearby Meenakshi Amman Temple, there’s a little sweet shop named as Nagapattinam Halwa Shop. This shop is extremely popular for their Nagapattinam Halwa and Potato Masala. They have been operating from 1901. They provide pure-wheat halwa prepared by using pure ghee and sugar. The halwa can be consumed within 15 days. This is served in a mandara ilai (hibiscus leaf), which is a healthy way of serving. For people who wish to eat something spicy, they provide Potato Masala which is served at Rs. 10 per packet. They use small onions in this dish which is not used in other shops.
Those who wish to have a different kind of snack, head over to Sri Meenakshi Coffee Bar for a snack named Bun Butter Roast. Along with pure filter coffee and tea, they provide these delicious-looking butter buns. They cultivate homemade butter and use it to prepare the buns. Apart from the butter buns, they also provide paniyaram (a snack made by steaming idli/dosa batter into small molds). Their specialty is that they use ghee to make these paniyarams, instead of oil. Don’t miss to try these different evening snacks in Sri Meenakshi Coffee Bar.

There are also some famous street foods like Mullu Murungai Keerai Vadai and Sojji Appam in Madurai. There are many cart vendors who sell these snacks for cheap rates. One such vendor in Karuveppilai Karan street makes delicious Mullu Murungai Keerai Vadai and Sojji Appam. These snacks are mainly prepared by the Saurashtra community settled in Madurai. The seller prepares the vadai from leaves cultivated at his home. A batter of boiled rice and raw rice is used. These bright green vadais are served with paruppu podi. Sojji Appam is a maida based sweet dish which is prepared by stuffing rava (semolina) and sugar. When you are visiting Madurai, try these different street foods from any cart vendor.

Make your trip to Madurai memorable by tasting these tasty and famous foods. You can also prepare these foods at home and relish them along with your family members.

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