Popular hotels in Trichy – Thiruvanaikoil Ghee Roast hotel

Tiruchirapalli, which is famous for its Cauvery Bridge overlooking the river, houses one of the oldest hotels of Tamilnadu. Started in 1943, Parthasarathy Vilas Hotel in Thiruvanaikoil is a popular hotel in the locality. Dubbed as the ‘Ghee Roast Hotel’, this hotel is best known for its delicious ghee roast (a type of dosa prepared with copious amounts of ghee).

The manager of the hotel attributes the popularity of the ghee roast to the experienced chef, customer support, the viragu aduppu (an ancient earthen stove which uses logs to kindle fire), and the pure ghee that is used for preparing the roast. He also stresses upon the thickness of the stone on which the dosa is prepared. With the passage of time, the thickness of the stone reduced from 6 mm to 4 mm, owing to the popularity of the dosas.
So, what makes this ghee roast so special? The ghee which is used to prepare the roast is pure ghee which is prepared by themselves by heating butter. They do not use ghee bought from outside vendors. The chef who prepares the ghee roast is quite experienced in preparing the perfect dosa for the customers. He kindles fire using the wooden logs, which makes the earthen stove to constantly burn. He uses large amounts of ghee on the dosa and the shape of the dosa is perfectly oblong, which makes it huge enough for the evenly spread ghee. The dosa acquires its golden brown colour due to the earthen stove. There’s no special batter used for this roast. The specialty lies only in the ghee used for preparing the dish. The resultant product is a flawless ghee roast with excellent concentric circles appearing on the surface of the dosa. Owing to the earthen stove and pure ghee, the roast is exquisitely crispy too.
The ghee roast is served with coconut chutney and sambar. The sambar is not served in a cup according to the traditional way; instead it is poured on the centre of the dosa. So, the sambar seeps through the dosa and blends well with it. The coconut chutney is spicy, which makes it a balanced side dish for the crispy ghee roast.
The ghee roast of Parthasarathy Vilas Hotel in Tiruchirapalli is the best indulgence for a scrumptious dinner!

Address: Kondayam Pettai Agraharam, Thiruvanaikoil, Srirangam, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu 620005

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