Places to Visit in Vellore Tamilnadu

Places to Visit in Vellore Tamilnadu

The district set in the shadow of the thickly forested slopes of the Eastern Ghats in Northern Tamil Nadu has its Headquarters in Vellore.  The small town of Vellore, surrounded by the hills of the Eastern Ghats is about 140 km from Chennai.  It is best known for its fort and the Christian Medical College, started by Dr Ida scudder, a medical missionary.  This world famous institution is one of the best hospitals in the country.

Built in the latter half of the 13th century by the Vijayanagar kings, the Vellore fort is one of the best examples of military architecture in this part of the country.

Enclosed within its walls are several buildings and the beautiful Jalakanteshwara temple.  Like the rest of the fort, the Siva temple too is in remarkably good condition.  The seven-storeyed gopuram is flanked by the sculpture of a dancing Parvathy.  The pillars inside the temple are beautifully carved with figures on horseback which are examples of Vijayanagar art at its very best.  In the courtyard, Siva’s vahanam Nandi looks on in sublime peace.  A Profusion of sculpted figures adorn the temple pavilion and the carved ceiling is a visual delight.  The fort can be approached by the bridge that was built by the British.

Below mentioned destinations are the best-visited places by the tourist. Hence these places are needed to be on your list when you plan for a vacation or visit in Vellore Tamilnadu

1. ARCOT (24 KM)

This is a place of historic significance.

2. AMBUR (30 KM)

This is a business Centre for the manufacture of leather goods.


Waterfall and picnic spot with a Murugan temple.


These hills are famous for sandalwood and fruit trees.  At an altitude of 300 to 1000 m, this place offers good trekking routes.  Nearby attractions are Beemanmedavu Waterfall and Kavalur Observatory, the biggest of its kind in Asia.


A temple for Lord Narasimha is situated on the hill top.  Nearby there is a temple for Hanuman on another hillock.  During the month of Karthigai, a large number of devotees gather in this place of pilgrimage.


The famous temple dedicated to Lord Siva is situated here.  The Lion-faced Simmakulam tank is considered to be scared.


A beautiful and serene hill stations located amidst four mountains in the Eastern Ghats at an altitude of 920 m.  A Church, Park and Murugan temple are worth visiting here.

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