Places to visit near Ariyalur Tamilnadu

Places to Visit near Ariyalur, Tamilnadu

Ariyalur the second youngest district in Tamilnadu is also called as the land of fossils. Its particularly known for its many prehistoric fossils unearthed here. A dinosaur egg dating back to millions of years ago was recently discovered near Ariyalur. The district headquarters is also an historic town

The Kaliyaperumal temple is the main attraction in Ariyalur, the annual car festival is celebrated in March-April

1. Gangaikondacholapuram:

The major attraction here is the Brihadeeswarar temple that was built by Rajendra Chola, as a memorial to the Chola victory in the north Indian region. A big nandi graces the front of the temple. Among the sculptures that are noteworthy is a panel showing Svia and his consort Parvathi crowning Rajendra with a wreath of flowers, the dancing Ganesha, the huge dwarapalakas and a lion headed well.

2. Jayamkondacholapuram:

A place of historic importance denoting the victory of the Chola kings

3. Karaivetti bird sanctuary:

Spread over an area of 454 hectares, this sanctuary is visited by resident and migratory water birds such as the high-flying bar-headed goose, rosy and grey pelican, white-necked stork, spoonbill and ibis.

Season: November and February

4. Tirumanur:

Tirumanur is famous for its temple, its located between Ariyalur and Thanjavur on the state highway

5. Udayarpalayam:

Udayarpalayam is a prominent town near Ariyalur. The Payaraneeswaraswamy temple is the main attraction here.


Nearest airport: Trichy or Tiruchirapalli. Ariyalur railway station is on the Tiruchirapalli-Virudhachalam road.

Distance from Chennai to Ariyalur: around 304 kms

Below is the Chennai-Ariyalur map, which shows the two prominent routes.

  1. Route 1 – 303 kms.  Chennai – Dindivanam – Villupuram – Perambalur – Ariyalur
  2. Route 2 – 360 kms – Chennai -Kanchipuram – Thiruvannamalai – ulundurpet – Perambalur – Ariyalur

Second route is pretty longer route but if you wanted to visit other tourist places like Kanchipuram and Thiruvannamalai, both has world famous temples, you can opt for this route, otherwise first route with state highways is better

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